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Author Topic: Colour b4 on black hair w/henna underneath?  (Read 3953 times)  Share 

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Colour b4 on black hair w/henna underneath?
« on: 07 Jan 16 / 04:26 PM »
I did a stupid thing and dyed my hair black a month or so ago, and now I regret that and want my hair blonde (or at least a lighter colour..blonde might take a while). I want to use colour b4 to strip out some colour, but I'm afraid of how it will turn out. I have several layers of henna under the newly dyed black hair, and I have no idea how the colour b4 will react to that. It worked wonders on my ginger hair last time I tried it, but that was box dye only.

Anyone tried colour b4 on henna dyed hair or on hair dyed with a box dye over the henna? I'm afraid it'll turn out a really patchy ugly brownish colour :(

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Re: Colour b4 on black hair w/henna underneath?
« Reply #1 on: 07 Jan 16 / 04:52 PM »
The colour remover should take the black out quite easily, i have never tried it on henna, but you might find this thread interesting

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Re: Colour b4 on black hair w/henna underneath?
« Reply #2 on: 07 Jan 16 / 05:43 PM »
Sounds promising, thanks! I'll probably try and fade some of the colour first and then I'll try the colour remover. Hoping it at least will be a coppery brown or just take me back to ginger. I'll provide some photos for those interested whenever I get around to start on removing my hair colour ^^

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Re: Colour b4 on black hair w/henna underneath?
« Reply #3 on: 07 Jan 16 / 06:12 PM »
I'd definitely be interested to see how your fading goes :)
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Re: Colour b4 on black hair w/henna underneath?
« Reply #4 on: 02 Mar 20 / 10:30 PM »
Yes I have. My hair is naturally strawberry blonde. Had been dyeing it for years with pure red henna. It was pretty fiery. Anyway, getting older and have a lot of white in the re-growth, so got tired of touching up. Used. 2 applications of Color oops then. 2 of color fix. Lughtened it up quite a bit. The henna on the last. 4 months of root touchups had amla added. That portion is very resistant to removal.


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