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Author Topic: Wella Color Tango - 3V Deep Plum  (Read 6711 times)  Share 

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Wella Color Tango - 3V Deep Plum
« on: 15 Dec 15 / 02:33 AM »
Hey all you happy purple-haired people!

I haven't seen a lot of talk about this new dye from Wella and wanted to throw my 2 cents in about it. So far... I'M IN LOVE!

I'd been bleaching and lightening like crazy since October trying to get a really pale base for a nice purple/lavender and just gave up on it. It's too high maintenance of a semi permanent color for me and I'm starting to get called in to my corporate offices more and more. So I started looking for more permanent and somewhat office-friendly solutions.

*Enter from Stage Right*

Say hello to Wella Color Tango!

I saw this and could only find one or two YouTube reviews/tutorials or any online reviews at all. So I jumped in head first without any consumer knowledge on the product (see what I did there [emoji6]).

I did two tubes of 3V Deep Plum neat with 2oz 20 volume developer and 2oz 30 volume developer. Seriously thought about adding some of the IC Slate to dilute it or mix it with 6BB Toasted Hazelnut for more of a purple-tinted brown. But I don't think I will!

These are my results.

Has anyone else played with this product yet?


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