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Author Topic: Tattoo placement  (Read 2227 times)  Share 

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Tattoo placement
« on: 06 Dec 15 / 06:44 PM »
Evening all,

I have finally got my latest tatoo design sorted in my head but am now struggling with placement!

I currently have:
1 on each wrist
2 on my lower back
1 on my upper back
1 on my right hip/belly
1 on my right foot

They are all small-medium sized individual designs with no common theme or links and the new one is another seperate small design (cross) and I don't know where would be best to put it.  Because of my work I need to have it somewhere that can be hidden fairly easily when I need to but generally speaking I'm happy for them to be on show when I'm out and about.

My 2 main choices so far are either my left hip or my rib cage (left side) although no-one will ever really get to see them apart from me or my husband as I'm totally passed flashing myself about these days lol!

Where do you think would be best?
A xXx
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Re: Tattoo placement
« Reply #1 on: 07 Dec 15 / 01:09 AM »
I think rib tattoos look really good

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Re: Tattoo placement
« Reply #2 on: 27 Dec 15 / 08:26 PM »
Rib tatoos are awesome...

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Re: Tattoo placement
« Reply #3 on: 29 Dec 15 / 02:11 PM »
I think a cross would look awesome on the rib cage! Have you thought about asking your tattooist for placement advice? I had one on my inner forearm recently and I had decided on a completely different size and angle for it but my tattooist advised that it would move better with my arm placed differently and it looks incredible!

Another tip I always do is draw it onto yourself in eye pencil and take some photos and see which place grabs you more! I find it really hard to visualise until I try stuff out
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Re: Tattoo placement
« Reply #4 on: 25 Mar 16 / 07:49 PM »
 *rofl* *rofl* *rofl*
I don't know why I remembered THIS tattoo placement:

Okay, well, I don't have any interesting places for tattoos just because I want to show them to everyone but I don't want to show my places)))
Maybe I'll make one on my lower back but I don't think that's too interesting.
And what do you think of this:

Would it scare you away if you see a girl like that... THERE?


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