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Author Topic: Finally did the dark purple thing, Love it. A few tiny streaks of grey too.  (Read 3759 times)  Share 

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I love this the most out of all my color so far!! I liked the other ones but this is the most "Me".  I used TWO bottles of Ion Blackest Black and it's still not that dark IMO for freshly dyed. I used a good squirt of Pravana Violet and a little Pravana Red, and ion titanium in the front streaks. Just a teeny bit, barely noticable. As it fades I might be able to make them brighter but I like the dark look so I'm in no rush to fade. (I'd love a better black rec if anyone has it btw, I posted in the dye section about that as well)

Indoor/outdoor, same time period. Just dyed, not washed yet. I'm scared to!  Sorry the quality sucks I had to really shrink them.

Wicked Pixie

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Is the Ion black an oxidative dye? What vol peroxide did you use?


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No peroxide, just the kind straight out of the bottle like brights are.

Wicked Pixie

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Adore has great blacks


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Pretty color! :)


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Really!? Thank you!! I have used Adore but not the black, I will try it!

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I love adore blue black. Its a great base for dark colors as its blue based. The only other one i have used is jet black but that one is brown based so i didnt like it as much.


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+1 - I love Adore Blue Black as a mixer. I'd like to try it on it's own, diluted a tad, too - tried it on a snippet of hair and it looked gorgeous and rich with a crazy vivid blue shine under direct light, it looked almost luminous :) I've been using it as a mixer a lot lately, trying to find my perfect shade of dark purple (ignore avatar, it's old!) It works really well mixed with Adore Purple Rage for a cool toned purple or Adore Violet Gem for a warmer dark plum (although more than a dash of Blue Black and it starts to turn muddy.. I found a mix of Purple Rage and Violet Gem worked best.) I'm currently experimenting with Arctic Fox as I had a hair crisis and it was the cheapest I could get via next day delivery - Purple Rain and Violet Dream both seem excellent stand-ins for Purple Rage and Violet Gem and I've found Virgin Pink goes less muddy than Violet Gem if I want to make a warmer dark purple - got a mix of Adore Blue Black, Arctic Fox Purple Rain and Virgin Pink on my head as we speak!  I've been experimenting a lot lately as trying to find a shade that is purple enough to make me happy while also looking respectable enough to find employment as a tutor - once I've got the job and have convinced everybody that I can do it and am not, in fact, impaired by my hair colour, I'm going for Adore Aquamarine & Royal Navy :D

Adore dyes are consistently my faves, lush colours and they don't transfer or run at *all* IME but I must say I'm impressed with Arctic Fox, not tested it's longevity as I keep changing it up but it has resulted in some lovely, bright, even colours with minimal transfer, and it's vegan too :)

Your hair looks gorgeous Cordula, the shade really suits you :) <3


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