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Author Topic: Adventures in pink  (Read 3048 times)  Share 

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Adventures in pink
« on: 14 Aug 15 / 08:32 PM »
I have done some experimentations with pink dyes lately, and quite liking the results.

At first I bleached my hair from dark dirty blonde, just shade or two to get better adhesion. The result was this:

I was not too impressed with the amount of pigment in the brighter pink shades of Crazy Colour (the darker one was great) so I decided to try Carnation pink from Directions. That was a good pick, excellent colour! I also bought one of their violets to cool the shade a bit if necessary - and just for curiosity I swept some of it around my face. I got this nice dirty plummy pink, quite liked it!

And it also faded quite nicely! Carnation pink has some warm tones and the shade went to nice rose gold. The light is warmer in here, but you get the idea:

Now I have a bit of hair catastrophe going on. I decided to use actual bleach (not just bleaching dye) to my roots and used a brand I was not familiar of. My stubborn hair just kneeled down with it and got pale yellow from the front almost in the time I got it applied all around my head and I had to still wait a while to get something to happen in the back as well  :-X. Now I think I need to bleach even the rest of it to get some sensible shade to it. My roots are definitely blond  ;D. But I've quite grown on the idea having super unrealistic hair colour, so WHY NOT  ;D.

To be continued...

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Re: Adventures in pink
« Reply #1 on: 16 Aug 15 / 07:05 AM »
Gorgeous results! Those colors are really popular. Good luck with your roots; you might want to try using 10 volume developer as it should give you enough working time to apply it all and not have to rush. :)
So long and thanks for all the fish.

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Re: Adventures in pink
« Reply #2 on: 17 Aug 15 / 06:38 AM »
Thanks - and thanks for the tip, I sure will!

Some accidents are meant to happen, though.  ::) I'm considering silver as my next colour - it would be also fun to try extremely diluted shades on top of that.

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Re: Adventures in pink
« Reply #3 on: 17 Aug 15 / 04:58 PM »
If you achieve silver (and that will definitely involve bleaching to light blonde) you can get some really pretty muted shades over it
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Re: Adventures in pink
« Reply #4 on: 27 Sep 15 / 09:04 AM »
^I'm getting blonder and blonder!

I still have the blondest section near the roots of my hair, but the lengths are now nearly the same colour. The sweeps of violet still draw the carnation pink (which I'm really stuck into, that tone suits me quite well) to cool pink from certain angle or when the light hits it certain way - from another angle the warmer tone kind of takes over even in the roots. You can see it in this picture. Sorry about the weird photo, that was the only way I figured out to get the tone looking right with my computer camera in current lighting. I really need to get some decent pics of this hair  :laugh:


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