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Author Topic: Dabur Vatika egg and honey mask  (Read 1907 times)  Share 

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Dabur Vatika egg and honey mask
« on: 13 Aug 15 / 02:00 PM »
I've seen many people of colour singing the praises of this stuff on Youtube, and have been using it when my hair has been especially fried at the ends.

I used it on bleached hair with no colourant in it, so I have no idea how much it fades colour. Although it's a little heavy, it leaves my hair MUCH softer and more manageable afterwards. The package says to leave it on for 15-20 minutes, but I usually left it on overnight. It has a pretty strong honey/egg smell. I personally quite like it, but YMMV.

It doesn't have any dimethicone/dimethiconol, either!

If you're in the UK, it's about 4-5 for a large pot in Boots/Superdrug, and you can also get it in beauty shops for black/Asian hair.  If you're outside the UK, then... not sure where you can go. Sorry.


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