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Author Topic: growing out colour advice  (Read 1711 times)  Share 

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growing out colour advice
« on: 31 Jul 15 / 10:58 AM »
I haven't been on here in aaaages!

I first bleached my hair in April last year then i BB monthly after that, I last BB my hair in november and since then i have been using adore natural shades over the whole of my hair as i am trying to grow the bleach out without having really bad roots.

As expected the colour takes best on the processed parts of my hair which results in darker ends which eventually even out, then the roots fade as they don't hold the colour as well, i'm fine with this as i prefer it to roots but now i am thinking of my wedding day & i should aim for perfection.

I don't know if i should sacrifice the progress I've made in growing my colour out & get it done professionally/box dye, whatever- process it basically or try stripping it first to see whats under there and decide from there or do bleach power, shampoo and oils on it which has worked better than any time I've stripped colour before which will both allow me to see whats going on & slightly process it which might help my roots take a true semi but without significantly lightening it?


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Re: growing out colour advice
« Reply #1 on: 08 Aug 15 / 06:05 AM »
What result are you hoping to ultimately achieve? Are you trying to grow your processed hair out or just not overprocess it? If your looking to remove color I'd use the gentlest methods first. I definitely wouldn't suggest a box dye. If your just trying to get your roots to take color better without bleaching you can try using 10 volume developer on them for ten minutes or so to open up the cuticle or some people recommend baking soda/ sodium bicarbonate as a pre-dyeing rinse or mixed into your pre-dye shampoo to rough up the cuticle. I'm actually pretty surprised that the Adore takes on virgin hair at all.


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