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L'Oreal Color Zap or Color Oops? (Special Case)

Started by AbbyDawn, 06 Aug 15 / 05:52 AM

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Hi everyone! Im sorry if this is a common question, but in my case is a very very special one.

Its a long story:

My sister's wedding is this december and Im the bridesmaid. My sister and I agreed that I should remove my bright purple bangs to black just as the rest of my (very very) long hair since Im using a gold dress and the colors dont match (in our opinion).

BUT!! I've planned to return to my purple bangs and adding a purple ombre on my tips right after the wedding. So here the "special" deal.

I dont dye my purple bangs with ordinary hair dye, I use Gentian Violet mixed with conditioner instead (and its wonderfull since it doesnt damage my hair at all. It looks perfectly healthy and very bright). Of course my bangs were previosly bleached since my natural hair color is dark brown.

Im planning to use L'Oreal HiColor HiLights in ash blonde after using a color remover, because I dont think it would be perfect blonde for dying it purple with just a color remover.

So I've reading about differences between ColorZap and ColorOops. They say that Color Oops is way more gentle with hair than Color Zap BUT if Im planning on dying my hair right after using it, it will get a darker color (something about re-activate previous hair dye). On the other side, they say Color Zap isnt as gentle as Color Oops BUT it wont get a darker color after application.

So the very final question is:
Since I dont use any kind of developer for dying my purple hair, (but I will use HiColor HiLights), will Color Oops make the ash blond, or even the purple darker?? Should I use Color Zap?

What do you girls recommend?  :D


Have you not considered anything more temporary?

A wig? A hairpiece to cover the fringe/bangs? A temporary black spray that washes out?

I don't really understand your plan. At what point in this are you dying black? What are you planning to use to dye it black? This can affect what you'll use to remove it. Sometimes it's best not to have a plan as removing colour doesn't always go as planned.

As for what remover? Always the less harsh option. I'm in the UK so I've used neither of the options, but we have similar products here.you can use colour removers up to three times, so it's always better to do that than use peroxide or a harsher type of colour remover. So definitely color oops. You then need to leave it at least a week before you use anything with peroxide.

If I have understood what you're saying correctly, this is all after you've dyed the hair black? If this is the case, the good news is, the sooner you use a colour remover after dying, the better it works. So dye your hair black as close to the wedding as you can and remove as soon after the wedding as possible and it will most likely be fine. It's not that likely you'll need the hicolor hiloghts anyway. The usual issue with colour removers not working is that there's several layers of dye build up and it's stained the hair. Though again, it can depend on what dye you use, some are far worse than others.
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Wicked Pixie

I am confused too, I thought she meant she only wanted to remove the purple, so all the hair is black?
In which case I have no idea if gentian violet will come out with a stripper (Colour Zap) or a colour remover (Color Oops) but my guess is neither. It may respond to fading methods, but if black is the goal, just dye over with a black semi.
True semis/direct dyes (such as the brands sold here) do not damage hair, there is no need to make your own colourants to avoid damage. (This also confused me, you use gentian violet to avoid damage, but are willing to use Hi-colour Highlights, possibly the most damaging product on the market?)
Then you can fade the black out after the wedding.
Colour removers such as Color Oops are designed for removing oxidative dyes ie permanent or demi permanent dyes that require developer (peroxide) They can work on direct dyes (Manic Panic etc) but the results aren't guaranteed. they are  not damaging, but can be extremely drying, which can damage already fragile hair.
Colour strippers (such as Color Zap) are basically weak bleach, definitely damaging, and not always effective as they can drive direct dyes further into the hair shaft making it harder to remove


I read it as, she's going to dye it black (over purple?) then strip it to go back to go purple as its just temporary. But that's why I was asking what black dye she would be using.
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