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Author Topic: Will Homemade Blue Dye Damage Natural Blonde Hair?  (Read 2053 times)  Share 

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I have waited about a week to buzz my hair and dye it blue (just to make sure I didn't make a huge mistake lol) and want to know what would last longest on short honey-ish blonde hair and be least damaging;
-Blue food colouring, conditioner, water.
-Blue Kool Aid mix, conditioner, white vinegar, water
I don't know if it makes a difference but I am a dude.
Thanks in advance!!

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Will Homemade Blue Dye Damage Natural Blonde Hair?
« Reply #1 on: 05 Aug 15 / 07:24 AM »
Neither would be damaging, but neither are going to work as well as a proper direct dye (manic panic, special effects etc, which will also not be damaging). They also won't last long. If your hair is unbleached, they will last even less time. I've never used food dye or kook aid, but I suspect they also don't make very highly pigmented dyes, this will affect how long they last and how well the colour covers in the first place. Which leads me too...

It doesn't make any difference that you're male, but it makes a big difference that at a honey blonde, you're hair is actually too dark for any blue to look good. If it's on the orange side of blonde then it's going to go muddy. Think back to your colour wheel, orange and blue = brown. If however it's just yellow, then it will be but the more yellow there is then the greener the blue will be. For blues to work well, you need very pale pair.
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Re: Will Homemade Blue Dye Damage Natural Blonde Hair?
« Reply #2 on: 05 Aug 15 / 07:38 AM »
Thank you, this is kind of more like my colour according to this it would be like the 24b colour, I must have mis-described myself (noob mistake). I see what you mean about bleach making it stay but I don't want to bleach. However I will look into manic panic.


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