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Author Topic: Which toners or dyes after bleaching?  (Read 1976 times)  Share 

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Which toners or dyes after bleaching?
« on: 09 Jul 15 / 08:21 AM »
So I am in the middle of my dark to light hair journey and need some advice on what to do for the final steps.

I am naturally blonde and have been dying my hair dark brown for a few years. I now want to change my hair color to blonde. So far I used color b4 and then bleached it twice. My hair is now a light yellow with a little orange, (Looks similar to the first picture attachment). I want to get my hair looking something like the second picture attachment.

I have a t18 toner but from looking at a few videos, it makes your hair almost platinum. Would mixing a T11 and t18 toner give me a better result? Could I just dye it with out toner? Tone the orange and yellows out and then dye it?

Anyone have advice for me? =)

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Re: Which toners or dyes after bleaching?
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jul 15 / 02:52 PM »
You don't need a white base to achieve the dark blonde in the second pic. A violet based ash dye one shade darker than your current hair will give you a neutral blonde. Use a low vol peroxide, no more than 10 vol as you only want to deposit colour.
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