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Author Topic: Post henna hair color issues  (Read 2101 times)  Share 

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Post henna hair color issues
« on: 15 Jun 15 / 02:47 PM »
So about 6 months ago I henna'd my hair a neon orange (Lush's Caca Rouge over bleached hair).  It was really nice but I wanted something a tad more of a natural shade.  Unfortunately I asked an untrustworthy person for advice, and it ended with me redoing the henna over my hair and it turning out almost my natural color, dark brown.
Needless to say, I wasn't stoked.  I let it go for about four months because I knew only bad things could come of trying to change it, but as a hair color addict, I eventually snapped and bleached over it.  My about 3 inch of roots came out beautifully, but the tips didn't go as well.  They lightened a lot, but to a sort of dark ash blonde.
A few weeks and restoring treatments later I broke out the protein filler and put my trusty Garnier Lightest Intense Auburn over it, hoping that I'd get lucky and it would stick to the length of my hair.  Of course this did not happen, and now I have this weird ginger-to-ash ombre going on.
I'm not ready to bleach the ex-henna again since my curl pattern is just starting to come back, and I'm also not going to cut it since I'm attempting to grow it out of my years of a pixie cut.  Any other advice to get it into a state I can color?  I've heard that Color Oops can sometimes kinda help, but I'm worried about damaging it too much.  I'm thinking about trying some Manic Panic or Punky Colour over it but I have no idea what will happen.
Picture is of my hair wet since I don't have any of it dry at the mo.
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Wicked Pixie

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Re: Post henna hair color issues
« Reply #1 on: 15 Jun 15 / 07:31 PM »
I would use a colour remover to get the auburn out at least, then you will have a better base and can try cool toned colours. It may or may not help to pull some of the henna out, I would try on a strand test first. Colour removers aren't damaging, but are very drying which can spell disaster for very fragile hair.
What colour are you actuallt aiming for ideally?


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