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Author Topic: baby clothes help  (Read 2037 times)  Share 

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baby clothes help
« on: 04 Jun 15 / 11:10 PM »
hello everyone,

i am pregnant now and i am expecting a baby boy and i am verry happy with a boy!  *1*
But! i can't find any baby boy clothes i like most of them are like jeans for babies(like wtf)and polo's -.-
For girls it's easy with the frilly dresses and everything.
my question is does anyone know some good webshops for baby boy clothes?
i am asking for webshops because i life in holland.

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Re: baby clothes help
« Reply #1 on: 06 Jun 15 / 07:13 AM »
Have you tried Etsy or DaWanda? I don't have kids, so I wouldn't really know what they have, but I know there's a lot of baby wear sellers on both :)
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Re: baby clothes help
« Reply #2 on: 06 Jun 15 / 12:16 PM »
Congratulations! When my son was little (a long time ago, he's 7 now!) I got a lot of his outfits from H&M, but for the first few months he mostly wore cute little sleepsuits which we got from Mothercare, Babies R us, and Mamas and Papas. I don't know if they ship worldwide but I'd assume so as they're big companies.  I also agree with Etsy, I've seen some cute handmade baby items on there
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