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Author Topic: advice  (Read 1689 times)  Share 

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« on: 04 Jun 15 / 09:29 AM »
So right now my hair is platinum and a dusty pink split dye.  I need to do my roots it has been about 6 weeks since I last did them.  my deli-ma is that i don't actually love pink.  i get a bunch of complements but I still am interested in changing it up.  Now my debate is should I fade it more, I don't wash my hair too much (I'm on a regimine of washing and wearing down next day down following day usually up or crimped*by braiding* then fully up usually crown braided or the like.)  So the color hasn't faded too badly.  my ultimate question is what color should I do that isn't pink?  I really would love to do teal then move to emerald but I don't know if i would have to wash out the dusty pink color first because obviously blues and teals tend to fade uber quickly.  I contemplated doing light blue, to create purple, then fading that and doing blue, then teal, then emerald? Advice Please!!!

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Re: advice
« Reply #1 on: 04 Jun 15 / 10:34 AM »
Teals are actually becoming a bit more permanent recently. At least if you're in the EU. The rules have been changed for whatever reason and now they're very sticky.

Covering a dusty pink to make teal is trickier, because pink tones greens to brown. It's not impossible though. Adding blue to go purple would be ideal and it wouldn't be long before you could start adding more green to get teal. If you use something like Directions turquoise, which is now a lot more green than it used to be, it's very sticky so wouldn't fade too quickly. You could try a strand test of turquoise right away. It will certainly come out more blue but it might pull to purple. It's hard to say as I've not actually used the new turquoise formula properly yet.
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