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Author Topic: Advice for a guy who's no good with hair... my hair is tangled.. A LOT  (Read 2008 times)  Share 

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Okay so my hair is quite long, and I started tying it back a few months ago but for some reason that's caused it to tangle easily. Now my hair is thick, and I mean really thick, so when it tangles, it tangles beyond belief so any girls out there, I know you're probably a lot better with hair than me.. how do you go about getting extremely tangled hair back to being untangled? Thanks!

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Start combing from the bottom of the tangle and gently ease through a bit at a time. You can also add a little oil, coconut or olive, to help. You can search on you tube for videos if it helps!
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You just need to patiently work out the tangles. Start at the ends, and work upwards. If the tangles are really matted in you may need to add some oil or conditioner to help loosen them.
Then you need to adjust your routine to prevent further tangles, eg always brushing/untangling before washing, using conditioner, keeping the hair trimmed and in good condition, tying it back in windy conditions and for bed.

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I use a wide toothed comb to detangle my tangles! I use a little bit of serum on my hair which tends to help prevent my hair from getting all knotted
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The main reason hair starts to badly tangle is split ends. Give your hair a trim and do as the other girls suggested. a little oil or serum goes a long way so be careful not to use too much.

I use either a tangle teezer or denman brush to brush my hair as they both have wide plastic bristles.

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What are you tying it back with?  And how tight?
Do you use conditioner when you wash it?

I find my hair tangles quite badly when I have it in a ponytail, I'm not sure why, it can also tangle if left loose overnight so I generally go for a simple braid instead of a ponytail.
The worst tangles ever were when I was at work and was running late one morning so just threw it in a ponytail and put my hardhat straight on top.  I kid you not, it ended up practically a giant dreadlock!  Took me literally hours to comb out after my shift.  I started with a wide-toothed comb but ended up using my fingers instead, then finally combed it through when I'd dealt with the bird's nest.

To untangle (whether you use a wide-tooth comb, Tangle Teezer, your fingers, or whatever) always always start at the bottom and work upwards slowly.  Don't pull at knots/tangles, you'll only make them tighter.  Gently tease it out from below - this can sometimes mean pulling one strand at a time with your fingers - be gentle and patient.

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The tangle teezer is a life saver if you get knotted hair! I even bought another to groom my long haired shepherd who gets matted. I also use a product called Kinky kurly knot today which you leave in your hair, miracle stuff :-)


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