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Author Topic: Cool colored ombre from copper  (Read 3761 times)  Share 

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Cool colored ombre from copper
« on: 07 May 15 / 08:18 PM »
Everyone - I'm seeking advice.

So recently I used some Color fix (3 rounds of it) to remove the red dye in my hair, and it brought it a mid-level copper tone (I'd say something akin to this color:

It looks OK (i'm a neutral tone so I have some wiggle room), but cool colors (especially ombre) are easier to maintain with the roots and all.  Basically I'm not sure what my plan of attack should be going from all over ginger to a cool ombre color. I feel like going all brown then bleaching is a HORRIBLE idea. Maybe bleach/tone the areas that I want to be blonde and then go over the other areas with brown (probably a vegetable dye?). Bleach/tone all of it and then put on a brown vegetable dye?

My hair is in pretty good shape right now. It's been a long time since any serious processing, and the color fix doesn't really appear to have caused damage - but I use a keratin conditioner, so maybe it's like... hidden). I have aphogee two step at home that I can use as well.

Obviously I could just do a warm toned ombre (like so:, but I'd prefer more of this (

Thoughts? I can work in stages.

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Re: Cool colored ombre from copper
« Reply #1 on: 07 May 15 / 10:27 PM »
' Maybe bleach/tone the areas that I want to be blonde and then go over the other areas with brown (probably a vegetable dye?). '
This is what i would do. No point in adding colour just to remove it again or bleaching areas that you want darker.
Can you define what you mean by 'cool toned ombre'? I am guessing you mean natural shades, ash brown/blonde?
What is your natural colour?
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Re: Cool colored ombre from copper
« Reply #2 on: 07 May 15 / 11:57 PM »
Yea, I mean an ash color instead of copper or gold. My natural hair color is brown, between a level 5 and 6.

After checking out a lot of Guy Tang's videos it appears he does a pre-base on the top, generally around a 7A, then bayalage's the bottom with foils, then tones everything. A lot of the girls even have the same ginger-ish hair that I have now, so this might be my plan.

This is basically what I'm going for ( Guy explains how he did it on his instagram if anyone is curious, but basically (leaving out the brands he used);
Step 1: a dark ash color with 20 volume at roots, and a pale blue with 10 vol on midshaft
step 2: bayalage using foils with 30 volume and then 20 volume on ends/near face (uses foils for a lighter blonde)
Step 3: tone with grey mixed with a hint of purple (plum) and a little colorless for shine.

So what I might be do is something like dark ash to midshaft, then do the bayalage with a 20v (since my hair isn't Asian hair), and then tone Wella and use purple shampoo/conditioner.

I've attached a picture of myself with warm and (mostly) cool hair.

Maybe rose gold bayalage is a better option.



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