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Author Topic: Hair toning  (Read 1838 times)  Share 

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Hair toning
« on: 16 Apr 15 / 10:46 AM »

I'm planning on bleaching my roots tonight in preparation for CC Bubblegum Blue. I know that BB needs a very pale blonde to come out a nice blue colour.

Normally when I bleach, my roots come out around a slightly yellowy level 9 (I normally leave doing my roots for about 3 months), the lightest being at the root and darker towards the previously dyed bits.

I'm currently MP Atomic Turquoise and it comes out a nice bluey turquoise on me without toning, but I figure I'm going to have to tone for Bubblegum Blue.

I have Pro:Voke silver shampoos, both the twice weekly one (which is quite dark) and the daily one. I was thinking after I bleach my hair tonight that I'd dry my hair and then apply the darker one for maybe 20-30 minutes. Do you think that should tone enough for a pale-ish blonde (I'm not really expecting platinum or anything) that's light enough for Bubblegum Blue?

Thanks :)


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