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Author Topic: Patch of damaged hair is holding color more intensely. Advice on getting an even  (Read 1699 times)  Share 

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Color? I'm so embarrassed to have to ask this. But I love this board and plan on sharing all my hair adventures with y'all. Plus I consider some of you to be hair geniuses. :D

I've been lightening my hair (naturally dark ash blonde) with coconut oil, volume 5 developer, & clariol liquid bleach for quite some time. I end up with a very pale gold.

My hair is pretty healthy for the most part. However back in the summer I decided to give Blond Brilliance powder lightener a try. It's a god awful product. In turn I ended up with a white, fried, over processed patch of hair in one area.
I can not cut it out as it's still too close to my roots. I look fug with short hair. And the patch is an irregular shape so it makes everything more difficult.

Anyways, it's been holding color more intensely than the rest of my hair. I am struggling to get an even color. Any advice?

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The only thing I can really think of to do is to colour the rest of your hair with a stronger colour so that it matches the over bleached part. Are you currently using a diluted dye? If you are then you could just add a slightly less diluted mix to the rest of your hair so that it matches in vibrancy.

Someone else might be able to think of something better to fix this though.

Also it's not that embarrassing, don't worry. A lot of us here have made mistakes, as long as you don't blatantly ignore advice then completely fry your hair and come crying to us then nobody will be judging you :p
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You can try applying a porosity control treatment before coloring. They will help the color take more evenly.


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