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Author Topic: Have any of you had to change your eyebrows in order to make a shade work?  (Read 1821 times)  Share 

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If so, please tell me about it.

My friend went red a while back and dyed her brows. It actually looks great (she's good at this). Her natural brows just looked...funky in comparison to her new color.

I might going to end up going this route. My brows match my natural hair color (dark ash blonde). Meanwhile, my eye color is actually green (warm) & my skin is neutral leaning yellow (also warm). I will never have dark ash blonde hair again, may as well change the brows.



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I always dye my eyebrows very dark brown if my hair is dark. They look awful and lost if I don't. I've tried powders but they always look really artificial on me. I'm not one to sport the matching colored brow look either but it does look fabulous on the right person.

Wicked Pixie

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Years ago, when i mostly had pink/red/magenta hair i used to dye my eyebrows black, otherwise my features would disappear next to the bright hair, especially if I wasn't wearing make up.
These days i just leave them my natural dark brown which seems to go with most colours. If my eyebrows go grey I will cry lol.

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I'm a hair model so I've always got a wild hair colour and style on the go but once the semi washes out, my base is a very pale yellow which I tone to white with purple shampoo. As my eyebrows are warm brown it looks a bit odd so I get them tinted to a medium neutral brown and fill them in.

However, on my last job, they had a make up artist bleach my brows and tint them the same colour as my hair. So now I'm sporting a kind of rose colour hair and matching brows.

Sorry to hijack your thread but does anyone know how eyebrows grow out? I'm going to fill my eyebrows in until they've gone back to normal but I was just wondering how long the process takes.


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