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Author Topic: Hairdressers are sometimes very overrated!  (Read 4145 times)  Share 

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Hairdressers are sometimes very overrated!
« on: 03 Mar 11 / 09:09 PM »
I was TERRIFIED of bleaching my own hair as it was generally in very good condition and I was very wary of snapping an damage

so off I toddled to the hairdressers. My words:

'I have used colour before but was previously red. I understand if you do not want to bleach or highlight my hair. I will stick with a darker colour if it is healthier or there is any chance of brassy/ ginger.'

i say this because my intention was to be blonde for 6 months, then go crazy all over the shop.

she said it would go blonde no problem but she would prefer to do it in stages (highlights) so i agreed

she used foils

no my roots went white blonde, but she put barely any dye in. The ends are gingery brass, and i feel like I PAID to have awful roots. She did not get anywhere NEAR my scalp, hairline. It is stripey like a god damn tiger!!!

so now I look like ginger spice at the brit awards circa 1999 and I feel really really depressed!!!!
although thank god it is still pretty healthy

My question: If i bought a xxl bright blonde dye and put it all over, what effect would it have on my natural mousy hair and the blonde/ ginger highlights? I can not bear the thought of paying this woman any more money so want to do it myself. Would it severly damage the already highlighted bits or will it be ok due to my hair being in ok condition now?

i also want to dye it now soley to go bright red, have given up on my blonde dreams. so it does not matter so much about the brassyness as it would get covered.



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Re: Hairdressers are sometimes very overrated!
« Reply #1 on: 04 Mar 11 / 04:21 PM »
The highlighted sections are freshly bleached, I wouldn't touch bleach again for a while if I were you but I certainly understand the frustration! I had a hardresser chop all my hair off once when I asked for a trim and he gave me the most god awful shade of yellow highlights. It looked like a failed home kit or something.

My solution was to use a semi-perm dye to cover it. I used a slightly darker shade of blonde than what was there. If you do that at least your hair colour will seem normal for a while and after a few weeks you can bleach it out and hopefully the ends will go lighter this time.


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Re: Hairdressers are sometimes very overrated!
« Reply #2 on: 04 Mar 11 / 09:07 PM »
I have left it over a month now. I had it done early feb so I think it should be ok to bleach or should I stay away longer? I am sick of looking at myself lol


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Re: Hairdressers are sometimes very overrated!
« Reply #3 on: 06 Mar 11 / 04:17 AM »
If you want to go blonde, don't give up. I had the exact same problem happen to me. The first stylist didn't do enough foils so my hair looked like I had red hair with blonde streaks.. I guess she didn't quite understand when I said I wanted to be blonde. I went else where when my roots came in, the 2nd stylist did a fantastic job! She did full head foils and my hair looked soo blonde but after a while I got picky. I wanted that all over platinum blonde bleached look so I bleached it once at home by myself and it came out great. Was damaging, didn't snap though just felt reallly dry but I took care of my hair with oils, conditioner and reconstruct products. If you don't feel confident doing your hair at home, go to another salon, have a consultation, tell her/him what happened last time and you just want to go blonde.

The choice is yours.. you could do all over bleach at home or even go a stylist to do it, the right stylist won't be scared to do it, then you just get yours roots done when they come in every so often. Stylists love to do foils and make you look really blonde because it's less damaging. Ask the stylist to do full head foils and then talk to him/her about what color blonde you'd like. The right stylist will be able to get you to blonde, I promise. They can easily work around the highlights you already have in your hair, in fact they'd probably correct the color too.

This is what full head foils look like

That's my hair when I went to a salon.

Don't give up if you wanna be blonde. I know it's a pain but there is stylists out there that know what they're doing.


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Re: Hairdressers are sometimes very overrated!
« Reply #4 on: 06 Mar 11 / 08:49 PM »
Wow, and the stylist LEFT it like that? When I went to a stylist to get my hair bleached (I almost never go to a salon) and the first time she bleached it it was a little orange so she bleached it again.

I would recommend having a friend help you bleach again if you have one who can help. My mom is always the one who does my hair. I wouldn't go back to that woman to rebleach the rest of the hair. She doesn't know what she's doing.

I think I can explain why you had the results that you did. If you've ever dyed you hair before, it has obviously damaged it. If the bottom of your hair was previously dyed but the roots were new hair, the roots turned lighter because healthy hair bleaches faster.


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Re: Hairdressers are sometimes very overrated!
« Reply #5 on: 10 Mar 11 / 09:25 PM »
My mum is helping me bleach it on saturday, but I have my directions rose red in case it goes wrong. I will be going red eventually but I figured it was so hard to go blonde, I might as well leave it for a few months if it looks good.



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