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Author Topic: Letting the grey grow out  (Read 3701 times)  Share 

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Letting the grey grow out
« on: 12 Mar 15 / 02:56 PM »
has anyone any tips on letting my grey grow (I'm about 40% grey and sooo fed up of dying the roots every 2 weeks. My hair is grey on top now (about 3inches) then reddish brown then darker at ends. Its a mess but I just dont want to dye it till I see what the grey looks like.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. *anyone*
I was thinking of using B4 to lighten the reddish brown/black but im afraid itll change the natural white/silver thats growing naturally.

Wicked Pixie

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Re: Letting the grey grow out
« Reply #1 on: 12 Mar 15 / 03:17 PM »
I guess you have been using box dyes?
If you go a little lighter than your natural colour, and add some highlights the greys will blend nicely. You can also use direct dyes to make them less starkly white as you get more, they don't take well to grey hair so you still get a highlighted look
I think a few rounds of color remover will be the best route, get all the old reddish brown out first. What colour is your natural hair?


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