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Help: orange brassy/ purple hair.. toning.. WITH PICS

Started by brookej1s, 21 Jan 15 / 07:41 PM

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Hi, I'm in the process of dying my hair honey blonde.. Well I have a problem.. I dyed my hair plum black in May and my stylist put the color on it and toned it yesterday (jan. 20th)  and the purple stuck to it. She wants to tone it Friday. I'm scared the plum purple won't come out. I really don't know a lot about coloring hair. I wanted a honey blonde that my friend did december 2013  and she didn't tone it and i did a dumb thing and dyed it the plum black in may 2014 when I could of just toned it...  *ott* well i had that since may up until yesterday.. What volume of toner should she use? Will this purple come out?