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Author Topic: I've been deep conditioning my hair lately, sharing success <3  (Read 6900 times)  Share 

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  • Guest
Not heard Spangled before, sounds good though.

Legless is another one haha!


  • Guest
michael macintyre did a sketch about words for being absoloutly gazebo'd was one. was on one o his dvds, saying how middle and upper class people can say any word any make it relevent to being drunk =D


  • Guest
Bwahaha that's true. Bladdered is one I used to hear when I lived closer to London but I don't hear it much down here on the coast.


  • Guest
LOL we get bladdered in belfast!

also bolloxed, rat arsed, steaming (or to get on the steam boat), blocked, wasted, banjaxed, blootered, there are many more i just cant think of them... :P



  • Guest
oh wasted is one of the most popular over here in kansas.


  • Guest
Where I'm from people just say "I'm <inserted f word>"

I like the sillier sounding ones though, although I don't go out or drink much so I don't often get chance to use them :D


  • Guest
Haha same here.
Never heard anyone say that though.


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