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Author Topic: Heat-free curls!  (Read 7835 times)  Share 

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Re: Heat-free curls!
« Reply #50 on: 15 Apr 11 / 04:13 AM »
Aww :C


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Re: Heat-free curls!
« Reply #51 on: 15 Apr 11 / 04:01 PM »
This didn't work for me. Only my tips curled and the curl brushed out. Which is really weird because rag rolling usually gives me awesome dolls curls that last days. Maybe I didn't get the hair wet enough.

I don't think that it would have worked on mine without the setting lotion which was about 1.20 from Superdrug, not sure what your US equivalent of Superdrug would be though (assuming you don't have superdrug...god I don't half waffle do I?!)

about an inch past my ears in front and about half an inch past the base of my skull at the back.

It could work, but it would be tricky.And the reaction from my OH just wouldn't make it worth it lol

Mine was a couple of inches longer than that on my first attempt, there's a pic on the second page of this thread. I thought I looked ridiculous personally hahahah!

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Re: Heat-free curls!
« Reply #52 on: 15 Apr 11 / 05:34 PM »
i think it looks quite cute on you vbporshca n_n

Mind, if yours ended up that short at couple inches longer than mine, mine would end up REALLY short o_O I have horrible visions of some sort of mini 'fro

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Re: Heat-free curls!
« Reply #53 on: 15 Apr 11 / 05:36 PM »
I think it looks cute too. Very retro, 1930's (20's? earlier?) style. :3 Most folks don't like pictures of themselves anyway!
I had blue hair. It's now blonde.


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