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Author Topic: Bespoke Nail Varnish  (Read 2342 times)  Share 

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Bespoke Nail Varnish
« on: 21 Dec 14 / 04:26 AM »
Just thought I'd share one of the simplest tips in the world, as you all may have done it already anyway (but I haven't!)... mixing your own nail colour.

It's just that I was after a certain nail colour for Christmas, and the day I had the craving to buy it, I couldn't find the right shade.  I was after a light, powdery blue and was looking around for that shade that day at Boots to no avail.  I found the right purplish-blue hue that fit my fancy, but it was way too dark for the light, soft colour I was after.

So, knowing I had a spare French Tip White nail varnish at home, I bought the darker shade, brought it home, poured a good lot of it into the white, gave it a good shake to combine the pigments, and voila! - created the exact shade I was after.

That French Tip White is almost like Tipp-Ex, and there are a couple "way too transparent" nail varnishes I've got that require loads of coats to get it to look the right shade, and sometimes loads of coats still don't cover well enough.  I may start to experiment with adding French Tip White to these to see if it makes it easier to apply.

This might just a new obsession for me in mixing nail varnishes - what fun. :D
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Re: Bespoke Nail Varnish
« Reply #1 on: 21 Dec 14 / 09:59 AM »
Ooh that sounds interesting I might try it!
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Re: Bespoke Nail Varnish
« Reply #2 on: 01 Jul 15 / 02:13 PM »
You can also add glitters, pigments or old eyeshadows to clear polish (or to a colour) and it's a great cheap way of having your own unique polish! x

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Re: Bespoke Nail Varnish
« Reply #3 on: 07 Sep 15 / 04:36 PM »
Ooh defo having a go at this!
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