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Author Topic: Help me pick which would suit me best!!  (Read 2827 times)  Share 

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Help me pick which would suit me best!!
« on: 13 Dec 14 / 04:31 PM »
Hey guys, long time no see!

I previously dyed my hair lilac and absolutely loved it, however to do a negligent hair dresser who I had gone to to help me bleach my (naturally blonde)hair, it ended up horribly damaged. She left me for a ridiculously long time with a 40 vol on my head. Being the first time I'd ever HAD my hair bleached I didn't know the difference. This was the Manager of a Chatters location, I trusted her and she literally forgot about me while receiving and order. I had no idea how bad the damage actually was, since my hair is insanely strong. I abused it some more, trying to fix the colour with a stylist friend of mine. I finally got the colour I wanted but my hair suffered the consequences. Anyway, I took a long break from dying my hair. It is almost all grown out now and with the help of my amazing new stylist and some serious reconstruction and moisturizing treatments my hair resembles hair again.

That means it's time to get colourful again! Whoooop!

So, this is my natural colour and how my hair falls(minus the hair tie crinkle), and my face! Nevermind the cowlick, that's my actual part trying to fight it's way through, lol. Also, forgive the grumpyness, I'm at work on a Saturday, after all, haha. P.s. I have A LOT of hair, haha.

Here are the styles/colours I'm thinking of! Which do you think would suit me best? I already know I'll be going with the Pravana pastel colours purple/blue/pink.






(Melon hair for Mellu!)





And I was also thinking about this cut, but I'm not sure it would look good when I let my hair air dry(as above), which I normally do. What do you guys think?

Obviously, for some of these I'd need extensions, which greatly makes me wish I hadn't thrown mine out. However, I can get wafts and sew myself some new ones.

Thanks in advance for any and all opinions!


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Re: Help me pick which would suit me best!!
« Reply #1 on: 13 Dec 14 / 07:05 PM »
Mmmm, I'm a bit confused. Are those top pictures of your current hair or your natural hair? In any case, I think anyone can pull off those colors. I will say that at least several of those are done with hair chalk. I like number 3 the best but your hair would have to be very light to do it. You can always do streaks, though. That's always pretty.

I do think the cut would be nice on you, especially if you needed to remove some bulk, but if you have a natural wave to your hair it obviously wouldn't look like that unless it were straightened. Just remember heat tools are especially rough on bleached hair.


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Re: Help me pick which would suit me best!!
« Reply #2 on: 13 Dec 14 / 07:37 PM »
That is my current hair, I took those this morning. That is what I'm working with. Most of it is natural at this point, there are like 3-4 inches of processed ends left. I'm just undecided on how much colour I want, and how I want it, so I'm looking for opinions on that! Which application, I guess. What people think would look best on my pasty round face, haha. Lightening my hair isn't an issue. It lifts super quick with a 20-30 vol, so I'm not worried about that. My ends are still so light I could go put lilac on them right now, lol.

I absolutely loooved my lilac but it was just too much hassle, my hair grows too fast. I was doing my roots every month and they were like 2-3 inches.

I liked how the Lilac looked on me, for sure (It didn't make me look washed out, I really am that pale, haha).

I've only done my natural colour and full head of lilac. So, for the dip dyes/melts I'm not really sure which application would suit me best. Never done the in between thing before. I wanted to keep a blonde on top to avoid the root issue.

If I did #3 I could just do my roots at home with a pot of violet PC I have left. I wouldn't need to lighten, which would be phenomenal. I'd definitely get extensions to make it even longer and more intense(I really like long hair, haha).

I like that cut but I am super lazy with styling, so maybe not. It also takes a good hour to straighten all my hair. That style is just a pipe dream, I guess, lol. Bun curl or twin braids are the most I do on the reg.

What do you think of the Watermelon one?


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Re: Help me pick which would suit me best!!
« Reply #3 on: 13 Dec 14 / 09:12 PM »
I like colours 1, 4 and 7 the best :)


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Re: Help me pick which would suit me best!!
« Reply #4 on: 14 Dec 14 / 06:51 AM »
Thanks for the clarification! The lilac is just beautiful! I can imagine it would be a lot of maintenance, though! For the watermelon you'd probably have to bleach for the green streaks to show up bright, the same with any of the blues. You could do number 4 straightaway without bleaching (that one's probably done with hair chalk but you can find similarly colored dyes). I think any of those pictures would suit you fine, though!  :)

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Re: Help me pick which would suit me best!!
« Reply #5 on: 14 Dec 14 / 12:36 PM »
No. 4 is photoshopped. The original is all blonde but it is still do-able


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