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Author Topic: Bleach Roots, Save Ends With Foil  (Read 2213 times)  Share 

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Bleach Roots, Save Ends With Foil
« on: 07 Dec 14 / 09:55 PM »
The smallest tip ever, and many have probably already done it, but I never did read this tip here whilst I was reading every single post and bit of advice about bleaching, so I thought I'd share.

I did roots this weekend after about six months not touching bleach.  Of course bleach damage may surface up to 4 to 6 weeks later, but I think I've found a good way to save the lengths whilst doing roots for medium to long hair.  As I dared to touch bleach again for application to the new growth, I recalled something Wicked Pixie mentioned a while back - something about... even the act of rinsing out bleach [from roots], it still runs through the lengths and risks damage to the already-bleached hair.

Quickest tip in the world... apply bleach to the roots, develop, then wrap the ends in aluminium foil before rinsing to minimise damage from the run-through of bleach through the rest of the hair.  My sides are around shoulder-length so I couldn't quite catch them, so maybe the next time I bleach, they'll be longer.  But the for back lengths, it really worked a charm.

Sorry if you already have done this, but I hadn't!  :D

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Re: Bleach Roots, Save Ends With Foil
« Reply #1 on: 07 Dec 14 / 11:53 PM »
i used to do this to separate areas when i used to only bleach small areas to protect the rest and i just opened the foil to rinse instead of taking it all the way off. that protected the rest of my hair from the run off. :)


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Re: Bleach Roots, Save Ends With Foil
« Reply #2 on: 08 Dec 14 / 10:01 PM »
Yay, yep, works well :D


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