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Author Topic: Color placement  (Read 2017 times)  Share 

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Color placement
« on: 08 Dec 14 / 06:06 PM »
Hi everyone! I want to darken my hair for the winter with a black section on top.
I want to ask which is the best way to achieve this and what will suit me best. I part my hair on the side and I have a rectangular face shape, my current color is dark purple on roots with lighter purple on the ends. (Blue Velvet x Stargazer Magenta)

I'll be using a demi, because I had trouble getting a semi and it will take forever to wait. So anyway I am scared not to mess this up  ;D

Anyway, here are a few haircuts I really like with black on top. Any idea if these are made with triangle or star panel? (They are probably just highlights on black I think...)
I do not know a lot about color placement, so any advice would be great!



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Re: Color placement
« Reply #1 on: 08 Dec 14 / 11:36 PM »
2nd one looks like purple highlights on black hair, the other two they probably worked with layers. If you want a black section on top, you need to single out the first layer of your hair, carefully separate it from the rest and dye only that section. Use some aluminium foil to make sure you won't put dye also on the underlayers. If you want to go for the 3rd pic style I'd maybe backcomb the hair where the black is supposed to meet the other color, so that it'll blend more nicely.


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Re: Color placement
« Reply #2 on: 09 Dec 14 / 07:55 AM »
Just wanted to pop in to say that you may get staining from the demi, making it difficult to get pastels in the future if you were so inclined to do any. So there's today's friendly been there, done that warning.  :)

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Color placement
« Reply #3 on: 09 Dec 14 / 08:02 AM »
In all honesty, all dyes can stain, reds, pinks and blacks are the most likely. It can be hard coming back from any black, semi, demi or permanent.

The third looks like a triangle section on a lightly layered haircut. I don't think there's need for back combing. To be honest, the reason all of these looks work is layering. It looks like you have one length hair. If so, none of them would look anything like this on your hair. They all need light layering for the peekaboo thing to work.

Best thing for you is either diagonal slices or the star section. They'd both give a sort of look of peekaboo colour
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Re: Color placement
« Reply #4 on: 09 Dec 14 / 09:33 AM »
Ah, yeah I know about the staining issue, my lengths are pretty stained by having blue for around an year, I didn't thought the purple will show up as well as it did...

I'll try to get the shape first on diagonal sections, because I've tried those out in the past and if it looks good I'll get the demi. If it looks bad I'll just part my hair on the other side  :laugh:

I was thinking of going to the hairdresser to ask, but when most of them see my color they give me that look...

Thank you so much for the help and guidance, you guys are the best  *1*


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