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Color oops! Need advice and opinions please!

Started by katyk, 23 Nov 14 / 09:59 AM

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So, last summer I decided to get my virgin hair highlighted.
My hair was naturally always a very dirty blonde, light brown color, which drastically darkened starting 3 years ago (maybe it's because I began spending less time outside and less time in the sun?). It gradually turned into a brown color which continued to become darker. Same thing happened with my eyebrows. I really wanted my hair back to my lighter color but didn't want to dye all my hair so made the mistake of choosing to get golden blonde highlights. Unfortunately, I didn't get the most experienced stylist, and my highlights turned out chunky and stripy on my brown hair, which is opposite of the natural thin highlights I had asked for. Thankfully the highlights were partial and only done on the top of my head. I went back to the salon and they offered to dye over it, add more highlights, or put a toner in. I opted for the toner because I didn't want any more damage to my previously-virgin hair and my hair is already dry on its own. Anyways, the toner made it look better, but eventually washed out. 3 months later I decided to get more highlights added in by a more experienced stylist to make the highlights look less chunky. It helped and for some time I liked it, before my hair began growing out and leaning more towards the brassy side. 2 months later when I was getting a haircut and talking to my stylist, she offered to dye the top section (just from roots about 4-5 inches down) a brown color to make it look more flattering and more of an ombre, since I didn't want to dye all of my hair brown as that would make it look too dark. It ended up being just okay, but I quickly grew tired of the dark on top and brassy highlights towards the bottom. I told myself I'd never put any color in my hair again after this whole experience and that I would be patient and just grow it all out and then see from there. But the grow out process is just taking too long, and my darker hair looks much less flattering on me than my previous light brown (now, I have my highlights that weren't dyed over on the bottom, the part of my hair that was dyed brown and has now grown out towards the middle of my hair, and my natural brown color from the roots to the middle of my hair). I want to just dye it all to that light brown color, but I realize that I would have to bleach it since the lighter color wouldn't hold on the section of brown color in my hair. I do not want any more bleach in my hair, since it is too dry,curly, and thick as is.
I was thinking about trying color oops to take the brown color out and then just get my hair dyed a light brown ash color. Would color oops help in this case? What color would it turn my hair, and would it make it look patchy since I only have color in certain parts of my hair?
I am really trying to be patient with growing it out, but it's very difficult to wait.
I would appreciate any advice. Thank you so much!!