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Adore Aquamarine

Started by CatLady80, 08 Nov 14 / 09:38 AM

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Absolutely love this dye!  This is what I began with, then I bleach bathed as my roots needed doing and this was the result.  Then you have the photos straight after dying, and then a couple of weeks later after I've had my hair cut :)

Sorry bout some of the faces!

  Faded directions violet

After bleach bath

After dying


After hair cut


As usual it's very hard to capture the green tones in the hair.  It initially was a bright teal and had faded slightly to a true turquoise.  Also I had my lip pierced between dying my hair and having it cut!


That looks so good! I love the cut and the lip piercing really suits you too :)
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Lovely colour and cut :)


What a beautiful color! Your piercing is very cute as well!  :)



Beautiful color & style :)


Love it! it's such a beautiful colour