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Author Topic: Post Bleach Bath - Should I try to tone with a blue dye or wait? (pic heavy)  (Read 2477 times)  Share 

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Backstory: Hair professionally dyed for two years, mainly highlights and partial foil color. Demi-permanant 4RV a month ago. Three vitamin C treatments over a month to remove the red. Last night, did coconut oil for an hour and then did a 30v bleach bath for an hour. I toned for 30 minutes with Wella T18 & 20v, but that did nothing. I plan on doing more coconut oil & bleach bath sessions every week to gradually get to a really light blonde (for Pravana Grey).

Question: Do I grin and bare the orange? or do I buy some Manic Panic blue and mix it with conditioner to tone it down?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Current hair is too dark to tone. It doesn't look bad. :)

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It's not actually too dark to tone. But it's not going to tone to white, which I think is what catparty means when she says it's too dark. It'll tone to a brown (which I think you know).

But I agree, it's a lovely colour. It looks natural and exactly the colour hair all my cousins have!
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Aww. Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll just wait it out for now.


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