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Oops! Wrong toner wrong color heelp!

Started by River.b.coons, 21 Oct 14 / 08:12 AM

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So I'm going for white and it was all going great, striped hair to a light orange then bleached for 20 minutes with a 30 developer and a red gold color corrector to a (surprisingly brassy less) blonde. Waited a month and repeated the bleaching process taking my hair to a white blonde. Most successful bleaching ive ever experienced....then i messed up lol. So my boyfriend used to have white hair and has a cupboard full of white toners. I grabbed an unopened wella bottle and figured it was the one for me! The bottle had a light blue color and read pale ash blonde. Since I've never actually gotten my hair to a light enough shade that it could be toned, i didnt have the experience to know that this would not make my hair white. I didnt notice until 20 minutes in that it was not going to turn that purple that i needed, it was stayin light blue. So here i am with perfect, red carpet ready pale ash blonde hair. But i want white. Im wondering 1. Can i used a violet toner over the toner in my hair now? Or do i have to wash/wait it out 2. What white toner should i use? I took my boyfriends manic panic virgin snow, will that do?  And 3.how long should i wait to retone my hair? Thank u thank u thank u for reading and helping me out with this rather amateur mistake!!