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Author Topic: Dark Enchanted Forest/green is the new black  (Read 3036 times)  Share 

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Dark Enchanted Forest/green is the new black
« on: 21 Oct 14 / 06:09 AM »
My Story:
Should have lighten my hair when I was fully awake! I lighten my hair and during the process I fell asleep for lil bit. I thought i heard my timer go off and instead of checking if it did and the color my hair lightened to, I immediately went into the shower washed it out and then looked into the mirror and thought this isnt right O_o. (color was light brown ish, purpley bits were sort of pink ish red) Checked my phone had a 10-15 mins left. So I thought to myself, I should go ahead and put Enchanted forest in then go back to sleep. I am like totally afraid of damaging my hair so I didn't bother lightening it again. So I applied it to my hair mixed with EO's color protecting conditioner, It looked pretty bright, put two caps on, then a headscarf, then went to bed. Woke up hours later rinsed it out and noticed that my hair didn't bleed alot like i thought it would after doing the whole washing thing.
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The color below is with flash. I love it alotttttttttt. I wish my hair came out with that color that showed with the flash. but the color I have now I love it as well!! I call it... green is the new black.

Moral of story is, Don't do your hair when your tired!
P.S dont mind the crazy looking bantu knots... I wanted to try something I fail at alot with my hair XD


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Re: Dark Enchanted Forest/green is the new black
« Reply #1 on: 21 Oct 14 / 09:17 AM »
Looks lovely!

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Re: Dark Enchanted Forest/green is the new black
« Reply #2 on: 22 Oct 14 / 11:59 AM »
Hi, yep washing your hair with harsh shampoo should get the colour lighter :)
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