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Author Topic: Teal to ashy/silver blonde?  (Read 2873 times)  Share 

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Teal to ashy/silver blonde?
« on: 15 Oct 14 / 03:54 PM »
Hey guys (:
I currently have darkish teal hair. It's not been dyed long, I used up old dye, and it was very pale beforehand so I'm sure I can get it to pastel for this process.

I do love unnatural hair colours but I really want to dye my hair a natural colour just because I'm feeling like something that's possibly less maintenance and a bit more casual(and also an all over colour since atm I have the back and sides of my hair naturally brown and buzzed a bit). Specifically I want to go an ash blonde. Not so light it'll wash me out, but with some silvery and browny tones to it. However I've never used permanent dyes before, and since my hair is bleached and semi-permanently dyed, I don't have a clue what to do :P

Would using a permanent box dye over the colour(once it's faded is best, I assume) a good or bad idea? If not, what do you recommend doing? Would I have to completely grow out the colour before considering it at all?

Thanks guys  *1*

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Re: Teal to ash blonde?
« Reply #1 on: 15 Oct 14 / 08:15 PM »
Try colour removers first, you'll get a good idea of your Base and then we can help further. You may find under your semi you're blonde already and may just need a toner like Pravana Silver diluted to get you to your required shade. A permanent colour will bleach your hair and then deposit colour but if you're light enough under your semi you may not need to bleach anyway. Hope that makes sense.


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Re: Teal to ash blonde?
« Reply #2 on: 16 Nov 14 / 11:22 PM »
So I FINALLY got round to fading my hair as much as I could and have a pastel turquoise-ish colour

How can I make my hair more silvery, preferably without bleaching again? All silver dyes are lilac-ish and intended for blonde colours.


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Re: Teal to ashy/silver blonde?
« Reply #3 on: 17 Nov 14 / 07:10 AM »
If you put a diluted cool-toned pink on it (I suggest diluting with a silicone-free white conditioner), it will turn purple and should fade to a gray/ silver. Of course do a strand test first to determine how light or dark you need it.


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Re: Teal to ashy/silver blonde?
« Reply #4 on: 22 Nov 14 / 02:12 AM »
If you aren't already you should definitely start using a purple toning shampoo. I use Clairol Shimmer Lights--you can get it at Sally's or online for about the same price. It will turn your faded teal to a metallic icy blue in one wash. I swear it's magic.


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