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Author Topic: White Fringe + DIY Toner  (Read 4824 times)  Share 

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White Fringe + DIY Toner
« on: 07 Oct 14 / 04:12 PM »
I've previously did a topic on toning white hair, but this time I want to show my process from start to finish. So, here is how I got a white fringe (starting from a medium brown virgin base).

I bleached my hair 3 times with 20 vol (6%) to get to a light enough base to tone white. I let my hair have a break between each bleaching so it took some time. Once all the hair was lightened, the upkeep wasn't too bad as my roots were easily lightened with only one bleaching.

Here is a video of my bleaching process:

I didn't include the time because:
1. Processing time is not the same for everyone.
2. I honestly forgot. (This was filmed some time ago)

I also made a small video on how I make DIY toner:

I like to use Manic Panic's Ultra Violet because it comes out really easily if the hair gets over-toned. However, other blue or purple dyes can be used as well.


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