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Author Topic: Very confused as how to get back to dark ash blonde  (Read 2784 times)  Share 

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Before I ask my question, I'll tell you a short story about my hair, to make it easier for you to determine what I should do. I've been dying my hair with pure henna for years. I've been basically having red hair for about 7 years. I stopped using henna about 4 months ago and used only chemical hair dyes after that, like L'Oreal Feria, since my red was more into the dark auburn than light red I wanted. About 3 months ago I got my hair slightly bleached and now I have this very light strawberry/reddish hair color with lighter wheat/light strawberry ends. I used to have darker color on top of my head, which blended in nicely with my roots, but unfortunately it faded away pretty quickly (after 2-3 washes).

I am pretty desperate now to get back to my natural hair color, since I also have a lot of problems with red spider veins on my face, which doesn't really go well with the red tones. I also have a naturally cool skin undertones, so, obviously, that's why my natural hair color was a dark ash blonde, kind of like this one:

Right now it looks like this:

As you can see, it's a very weird looking color, since it already washed away. To tell you more, the front of the hair is still pretty red, but more into light red than deep auburn. Ends are kind of yellow-ish.

I would like to ask for advice- what would be the best option for me to reach the dark blonde/dark ash blonde? Do you think the L'Oreal Preference in medium ash blonde would cover the redness or would it be better for me to go for a darker color?

Any advice greatly appreciated! <3


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Re: Very confused as how to get back to dark ash blonde
« Reply #1 on: 03 Oct 14 / 01:02 PM »
I thought your hair was going to be a lot warmer than it is. You might not ever get to ash tones depending on your staining. When was the last time you coloured your hair and have you tried to remove any colour yet?


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