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Author Topic: Another septum question  (Read 1520 times)  Share 

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Another septum question
« on: 19 Sep 14 / 09:51 AM »
Hi again!

I got the retainer changed to a circular barbell on Monday (I got it pierced on Sunday). I've noticed that the hole on the left hand side looks a good bit lower than it did earlier on in the week (it's basically at the end of my nose now :S ). Could this be because the swelling has gone down in that area? I'm worried it's migrating or something. It's not hurting too much at all anymore, only when I bump it or move it a little for cleaning. Is it bad to have a very low pierced septum?

I have one more question. I want to flip it up today as my parents are coming to see me. I'm just worried because the left hole is so close to the end of the nose, that it might rip out! I know this more than likely won't happen (as the guy who changed my jewellery said it was a bit low, but ok. He also flipped it up, so it should be ok, right?), but I'm worried! Should I be?

EDIT: I was just thinking about it...maybe the hole has changed a little because the retainer was straight and the barbel is curved? Just a thought.


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