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Author Topic: Red again!  (Read 3724 times)  Share 

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Red again!
« on: 20 Jul 14 / 05:37 PM »
After getting desperately bored with pink, I finally decided to head back to red. I was aiming for a deep burgundy colour. I started with a pink base, then added diluted Adore Copper Brown, with a drop of Directions Pillar Box red. After it dried, I decided it wasn't dark enough, so went back and put a small amount of neat copper brown on it just for 30 mins. I LOVE it!! In artificial light the Orange / copper shows (almost like henna). In sunlight it looks like cherry. It's awesome and I'm really happy with it.  *yay*


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Re: Red again!
« Reply #1 on: 20 Jul 14 / 05:53 PM »
Lovely :)

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Re: Red again!
« Reply #2 on: 26 Jul 14 / 02:29 PM »
It's really pretty :D


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Re: Red again!
« Reply #3 on: 26 Jul 14 / 10:37 PM »
So rich and vibrant!


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Re: Red again!
« Reply #4 on: 31 Jul 14 / 08:58 AM »
Thanks for the comments.   :)

After nearly 2 weeks it's got quite an 'interesting' fade going on - it's kind of heading to salmon pink!  :o  (I'm assuming that's from the very pink base I started with.) 

Fortunately when I did this colour I made up far too much of it (it's diluted in conditioner) - so I've still got exactly the same, so I'll have another go tomorrow and hopefully it'll look fab again!   :D

Another update another couple of weeks on - the fade was getting annoying so I've mixed some new colours to get this.  It doesn't look massively different in the pic but in real life it's definitely a deeper red than it was.


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