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Author Topic: Trying to get a certain color and need help...  (Read 2746 times)  Share 

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Trying to get a certain color and need help...
« on: 18 Jul 14 / 02:21 AM »
This is my hair as it is.

It's naturally curly and currently dyed a light shade of blonde.

This is my natural hair color.

I've never experimented with funky hair colors before, I've only ever dyed my hair natural colors. So this is a very new experience for me and I'm hoping for some help.

I'm looking to dye my hair all over with blue + purple tips, but as a twist I want a big chunk of bright orange in my bangs. Currently I have a pixie cut, so I expect the sides of my hair will be more purple than blue. I'm hoping for this kind of blue, with this kind of purple, and this shade of orange.

Which dyes would you guys suggest? I'm definitely going to bleach my hair and tone it first, so I'm just stumped on which brands and colors I should buy. I'm also a little worried that the blue/purple is going to mix with the orange and turn it a weird brown/murky color. Is there a way to avoid that? I'm going to be buying my supplies hopefully next Thursday. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! c:

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Re: Trying to get a certain color and need help...
« Reply #1 on: 18 Jul 14 / 09:09 AM »
It looks like the purple you want is quite blue toned and you want blue as well, those shades are pretty unforgiving unless they're really dark so
I think you will need to lighten your hair a few shades before they will take.

Once they're on the blue and purple might mix a bit bit they won't go muddy, just blend in to each other a little.

For the Orange shade I would suggest one of adores oranges, they're really good. I'm not sure about the blue/purple from those photos.
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