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are thickening products safe for fine bleached hair??

Started by applemuffin, 26 Jun 14 / 03:53 AM

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probably a silly question, but is it ok to use thickening shampoos, conditioners & other thickening products on bleached hair? i have naturally fine hair & am platinum blonde. i was interested in possibly bumble & bumble thickening shampoo & conditioner or toppik shampoo, conditioner &  hair fattener (not the fibres!) i noticed these products say they open the hair cuticle & deposit keratin proteins and can be used daily to build up a thickening effect on the hair strand. are these similar to hair reconstructors? is it "safe" to open & reseal the hair cuticle of bleached hair on a daily basis or will it make it fragile? thanks for any insight! :)