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Author Topic: This crazy weather is killing my hair!  (Read 1894 times)  Share 

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This crazy weather is killing my hair!
« on: 30 Jun 14 / 02:30 PM »
Two part problem!

The weather is all over the place right now jumping around from 80% humidity to 30% and back again. My hair has never been fond of humidity, it gets very gross and sad looking and feels like straw. Any suggestions for humidity proofing my hair would be great. Last year I had pretty good results by doing a light layer of olive oil then coating it with a light silicone based "oil" after letting the olive sit for about 15 minutes. I think the back and forth humidity is why this isn't working well this year.

On the dry days my hair is so so so dry and I worry it might break. Overnight coconut oil soaks have done nothing! I wake up and my hair is dry as desert sand again. Normally I have to wash it out because it makes my hair heavy and stringy. I would try Argan but I can't afford it at the moment (got a whole mess going on with my bank right now). Any suggestions for how to keep my hair from severely drying out would be great!

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Re: This crazy weather is killing my hair!
« Reply #1 on: 30 Jun 14 / 03:18 PM »
With the coconut oil, you might have the same problem as me. My hair doesn't seem to like it at all and goes like straw if I use it any time other than when bleaching! I was in a bit of a cycle using it making my hair worse and worse.
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