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Author Topic: platinum hair help!!  (Read 3794 times)  Share 

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platinum hair help!!
« on: 19 Feb 11 / 01:28 PM »
I  have naturally dark blonde hair but wanting to go platinum. over the last 3 weeks i have bleached (40vol) and toned (fudge a whiter shade of pale and wella colour fresh silver)3 times and i am still left with yellow tones in my hair. i am also using shimmer lights shampoo.
i bleached until was very light yellow.

how do i get the yellow bits out !? help!!


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Re: platinum hair help!!
« Reply #1 on: 19 Feb 11 / 01:31 PM »
Hmm, well i just use Shimmer Lights shampoo and that usually works for me... but maybe u need a more blue based shampoo as opposed to the purple one.

Sorry im not much help! but thats all i can think of apart from dying again but i wouldnt really wanna recommend that as your hair is really light everywhere else!


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Re: platinum hair help!!
« Reply #2 on: 19 Feb 11 / 01:44 PM »
i used superdrugs own toner, it's in their semi perm dye section, 8:1 and it's only 99p! it got me white blonde within a week. perserverance is what you need my love, it takes  while, but will be worth it


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Re: platinum hair help!!
« Reply #3 on: 19 Feb 11 / 03:15 PM »
Joico violet shampoo and directions white toner =]


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