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Author Topic: Adore Cajun Spice (before, during, after, and after 1st wash pics!)  (Read 12809 times)  Share 

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Before -

During! -

After -

After 1st wash -

The stuff was a beaut to apply, really. One of the absolute best dyes I've ever used for application. Minimal drippage, and full, awesome coverage. The bottle has a good amount for long hair, although I did mix it with some conditioner to thicken it up, and I also added a smidge of Vermillion Red, but barely any.

The end result is way too fake looking for what I wanted. I was hoping for a very natural ginger, but what I got was far, far too fake for what I was wanted from this. After first application, it looks red. After the first wash, it looks orange.

Eh, I still actually like it... I uhh... I like it quite a bit actually, lol! Though it's probably hard to tell, but I really do. I never really envisioned myself with bright orange hair before, but I watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland last night after washing it down to this orange, and now I kinda feel like the love-child of Alice and the Mad Hatter, and I am just fine with that. ^_^

So yes, if you have a similar (or lighter) base to mine, and are looking for a nice, natural-looking ginger, I wouldn't recommend this at all.


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Lovely colour :)


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Oh wow, thanks for posting this. I also thought Cajun Spice was a more natural ginger! I love it on you, though!


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Aw thanks you two! <3

I'm going to be trying out a ton of different Adore dyes lately, searching for as natural-looking a ginger as I can! XD I figured these images might be helpful to others wondering what this actually looks like, as I found it hard getting many pics showing what the colour looks like.

I think I might need to end up combining a "ginger" (maybe even this Cajun Spice), with a brown shade (or maybe even blonde...? To maybe make a nice light ginger? Hmm) to temper down the intensity of the orange.


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I am so glad you're doing this! I've always known that I will go back to natural ginger eventually, when I'm done experimenting. I've been eyeing the Adore gingers but I never knew which one would be best. So do keep us updated about your experiments! I think adding some brown will definitely tone it down.

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Lovely! I think I'll use this shade when I need to go 'natural' again.


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Gurl, your hair is so long and in such a good condition whilst being super white, let me know any tips & tricks you do x

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Your hair is always gorgeous, and this is no exception!

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I can't believe how orange this is! I'm really tempted to try it out now :) Your hair is so amazingly long, it's beautiful.
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D'aww thanks all! :D

I eventually went back to purple again, but would like to try more Adore dyes in the future.


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That looks pretty close to my natural ginger hair though.... (after it's been hit by the sun mercilessly, but yeh).
Looks lovely on you! Mad envy on you super long and healthy hair, i wish i could wait to get it that long...hahahah

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This looks lush.  I found that Directions Flame went a fairly natural ginger colour but it was going over faded AP so don't know how much difference a splash of pink makes :)
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Beautiful hair, I love your length and how healthy it looks!
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This is really really nice.


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