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Author Topic: Chin hair  (Read 4247 times)  Share 

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Re: Chin hair
« Reply #25 on: 31 Oct 14 / 10:00 AM »
I have 3 or 4 hair-sprouting moles on my face.  The worst offender is on my chin, I have to pluck it regularly cos it annoys/disgusts me.
I get random rogue hairs on my throat as well.

I've been very lazy with body hair removal lately though .... and by that I mean I've basically stopped doing it.  I'll de-fuzz myself in time for my husband to get back from his latest assignment but when I'm home alone or at work offshore, I feel no real need to be hairless.
I am getting a little annoyed at my tummy hair though, it seems to be getting darker and darker!

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Re: Chin hair
« Reply #26 on: 26 Jul 15 / 02:23 AM »
I felt totally alone with the chin hair problem! I swear once I turned 30, I got hair in places I didn't know existed lol. I got a majorly fuzzy face, and even though it's blonde peach fuzz, I can't stand it, because I think mainly because of the way society is. Or just my own insecurities. I went and had it threaded and honestly, yes it works for a while, but I don't recommend doing it if you're prone to ingrown hairs. My neck broke out so bad, and I didn't know what was worse, the hair, or the ingrown hairs. Now, honestly I pluck it or lightly shave it. I think the plucking has to be done carefully though, because if you don't get all of the hair follicle, it will become irritated.


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