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Author Topic: henaa! lush Caca rouge / caca marron mix  (Read 4019 times)  Share 

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henaa! lush Caca rouge / caca marron mix
« on: 09 Jun 14 / 10:47 AM »
Hi again! Has anyone tried a mix of lush caca rouge and marron together?
On top of bleached up blonde, rouge turns a very bright orange colour. I wonder if you mix half the amount, or even a quarter with Marron it may turn a more ginger, but still bright shade. Any pictures of results would be great. Thankyou!

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Re: henaa! lush Caca rouge / caca marron mix
« Reply #1 on: 13 Jun 14 / 10:49 PM »
In the winter I tend to mix in a bit of marron with my rouge as it does make it a bit darker.
It's still quite red over my natural dark blonde, however I only tend to use 1-2 blocks of marron with 4 blocks of rouge.
You could always mix in some brun to take some of the redness out as brun has more indigo in it than marron or you could just use straight up marron.

I think the best thing to do in this situation would be strand tests. Lush are really generous with their samples so just go in and ask for them if you can get to a store.
I can't really give you any photos unfortunately as all my photos are taken in different lights so they look almost the same and I haven't applied henna over bleach blonde.
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