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Author Topic: Jo Baz Colour Remover Max Strength  (Read 2467 times)  Share 

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Jo Baz Colour Remover Max Strength
« on: 08 Jun 14 / 06:37 PM »
Hi guys ! So as some may know I'm gonna get all my hair cut off, but wanted to colour strip it first so at least one of the main colours (red/brown or green)  would hopefully be dealt with! And what can I say ?! I was a little apprehensive as I'd used ColourB4 a few years back an it actually re-oxidised in the shower, I had a chat with Scott Cornwall about it and he reckoned it might have been the water  :-[ so yeah I wasn't expecting much to be honest but man I'm so pleased I went for it!!

Ok so it didn't shift the green that's been lurking around since before Xmas but it did lighten it considerably and it got rid off all the red! I'm not much use with taking pictures but I did my best! Where it was green it's now a lighter green and where it was red it's now a dark blonde!! Yay!! I think a blonde will definitely take the top half to the colour I want! Nevermind the ends , there being chopped off!
 Here's a before and after

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