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Author Topic: Getting rid of green (without much horror)  (Read 2231 times)  Share 

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Getting rid of green (without much horror)
« on: 07 Jun 14 / 05:44 PM »
When I bought Directions Turquoise, I did not expect the green that it left behind! I didn't want to murder my hair with endless bleaching, so I took my time to get it out. With spaced out lightening and a bit of purple shampoo, my poor lil hair didn't look half bad

At first, it was this greenish-blueish (about a year ago)

As I was washing it out, patiently, for some reason I thought a purple shampoo would be a good idea. It gave my light green hair the tiniest blue-y shade (9 months ago - box dyes on the roots and the rest of the dye lazily on everything else - every two months or so)

It eventually faded into a minty puff (4 months ago - still just box dyes on the roots and stuff every two months or so)

Mind you, the green wasn't getting out with my box dyes that I used to do my roots, but I tried a different lightener, by Syoss, and it somehow managed to get the bits of green out and make my hair fit for another color (a few hours ago)

Just to be sure, I put on a darker pink, Directions Cerise, and it managed to cover every bit of green!

And now I'm a happy bunny!

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Re: Getting rid of green (without much horror)
« Reply #1 on: 07 Jun 14 / 07:15 PM »
Gorgeous!!! :)
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Re: Getting rid of green (without much horror)
« Reply #2 on: 08 Jun 14 / 03:19 PM »
That pink looks great on you.
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Re: Getting rid of green (without much horror)
« Reply #3 on: 08 Jun 14 / 04:33 PM »
That looks fantastic!


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