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Author Topic: Foundation confusion.  (Read 2857 times)  Share 

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Foundation confusion.
« on: 07 Aug 14 / 07:26 PM »
I could really use some help with finding a new and cheap foundation that matches my skin. For a few years I've used L'oreal's True Match foundation in Rose Ivory and have really liked it but sometimes it's a little too sheer for me and doesn't cover up some of my acne and my red cheeks. So I decided to try L'oreal's Mineral foundation in Vanilla Rose but it's looking kind of orange on my face and it's their lightest shade.

I started reading up on how to find the right shade and saw a few people say that it's supposed to match your chest, not your face. So swatched my True Match liquid foundation and the mineral one and they both look way too yellow/orange on my chest? The mineral one is slightly pinker than the liquid. I have cool undertones and am quite pale so I thought these foundations were supposed to be for that skin type, yet they're not blending in well on my chest.

Sooo, I'm not sure what foundation I should go for now. I was looking at Revlon ColourStay.

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Re: Foundation confusion.
« Reply #1 on: 07 Aug 14 / 08:21 PM »
I was using lancomme foundation which i really liked but when i became a student i just couldn't afford it so i decided to go to boots and get them to do their colour match made service where they test your jaw line on both sides and it comes up with a colour, this colour is available in most of their range of foundations and concealers, so depending on the type or coverage you want they will recommend one. I was using Beautifully Matte which gives a high coverage. It cost 13.50 & it lasted me about 6 months.

I definitely recommend you go and speak to them, they should give you a tester which you can try before you buy.

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Re: Foundation confusion.
« Reply #2 on: 07 Aug 14 / 08:28 PM »
I would go for the one that matches the colour on your jawline. Heavy foundation that covers blemishes and redness can look harsh and ageing, I would spend your money on really good concealers to put underneath your sheer foundation.
Foundation is not supposed to change the colour of your skin, but to even it out. The outer edges of your face are what you should be looking to match. (Your nose/eye/mouth areas being where you see the most variations in colour)
When trying foundations out put a splodge of each on your jawline and go outside so you can see how it looks in natural light.
I have very pale skin, and never find foundations that match perfectly, so I tend to blend a couple.
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Re: Foundation confusion.
« Reply #3 on: 07 Aug 14 / 09:47 PM »
I find that changing my foundation from time to time makes it more effective for some reason.  I recently picked up Maybelline Matte Maker for under 4 at Boots and carry it with me in my handbag... I originally bought it to get rid of some shine, but I'm ending up using it all over now, and it blends well, covers well, stays well, and doesn't seem to cake like a lot of powders do.
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Re: Foundation confusion.
« Reply #4 on: 08 Aug 14 / 07:19 AM »
I use a mineral powder foundation from - I can never find a foundation on the high street that's pale enough for my skin, but their porcelain shade is perfect for me. It's also buildable, so you can use lighter coverage on the areas that don't need so much, and build up more coverage on the areas that do. I think it's about 12, but one pot lasts me for a good six months or so!
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Re: Foundation confusion.
« Reply #5 on: 08 Aug 14 / 10:29 AM »
Elf cosmetics are a cheap but good brand.. Their Flawless Finish Foundation is nice & the lightest colour they do is Porcelian. It's got a really nice coverage, not too heavy but hides imperfections well without caking up.


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