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Author Topic: Joico Kpak question  (Read 1836 times)  Share 

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Joico Kpak question
« on: 15 Aug 14 / 12:29 AM »
Hi :)
I used the GVP version of Kpak for the first time today. Before that, I clarified with L'oreal Everpure and afterwards the GVP Matrix Conditioning Balm.
After airdrying my hair feels terrible, there's places where I had trouble combing it through, and my hair feels frizzy on the sides. Normally it never frizzes, and I can not comb it for 3 washes a.k.a 6 days and get through it without problem.
I know that Everpure does sometimes have similar effects but not as bad, and not with Condish after.
Both other products I never used before.
The Kpak would spread very hardly and didn't foam at all, I left it in for around 20 min, when I rinsed it it suddenly started foaming a bit. Seems weird to me.
The Matrix stuff was left in for around 5 Minutes.
Anyone got a clue what's up with that, is that normal, or what did I do wrong?

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Re: Joico Kpak question
« Reply #1 on: 15 Aug 14 / 06:09 AM »
What is the reason you're using the protein?

I have to be really careful as my hair hates it. I only use it after I've just bleached, and then sparingly. Too much protein can be pretty bad for some of us.

Also, it won't foam. I don't know the conditioner, so I don't know if its a good enough one to use after protein.
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Re: Joico Kpak question
« Reply #2 on: 15 Aug 14 / 05:08 PM »
The GVP Matrix Conditioning Balm is one of the best cone free conditioners I've ever used.  I have also used the GVP Kpak with great results.  But, my hair LOVES protein - the more I give it, the better it feels.  Some people's hair, like Janine's, do not like it at all and react poorly to it.  Have you used protein before?


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Re: Joico Kpak question
« Reply #3 on: 18 Aug 14 / 11:27 AM »
I've only used Coconut Oil before and it felt awesome, like hair in haircolour ads :D
I wanted to try Kpak because my hair feels pretty thin and weak these days, and I don't really have time to Coconut oil for so long.

I dye it black with a demi with 3% peroxide, around every 4 weeks roots and every 2 or 3 months completely. the tips have been bleached before, so it's probably pretty damaged.


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