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Author Topic: Which Color Remover Won't Damage Curly Hair  (Read 2987 times)  Share 

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Which Color Remover Won't Damage Curly Hair
« on: 17 Apr 14 / 08:33 AM »

I'm Caucasian and my hair is naturally curly and black with about 10% gray. I have used dark brown (black dyes are too harsh and look dull) permanent dye and most recently, dark burgundy permanent dye to cover the gray. I'm wanting to dye it a pink/purple or red without bleaching as the bleach really wrecks my hair and destroys the curl. I've seen the pages of dark brown dyed hair without bleaching and some of the results are quite nice - with Special Effects Virgin Rose and other colors in the red/pink/purple family. It's also difficult to tell just what colors work on really dark hair as many of the posts on those pages don't say how dark the hair was before coloring. I'd like to try one of these Special Effects colors, but wonder if I need to remove the permanent color first or if I can just use the Special Effects color right on top of my currently colored hair. I know it's nearly impossible to dye over hair that has been dyed a permanent dark color. Has anyone with naturally curly hair used Colour B4 or another product that didn't ruin their curls? 

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Which Color Remover Won't Damage Curly Hair
« Reply #1 on: 17 Apr 14 / 09:26 AM »
Colour B4, Decolour Remover and JoBaz won't ruin your hair or the curl. The worst they do is make it a little dry, but nothing a good conditioner after won't fix. They're also actually very good at removing permanent colour, especially if you've not used straighteners.

If your natural hair colour is darker than mid brown, you won't get much of a result at all. At most you'll get a sheen of colour in sunlight. It's likely your natural colour will have been lifted a bit by the dyes you've used, so your hair will be a little lighter, but probably not light enough for the colours to show. One thing that would help, and shouldn't damage your curls, is doing a bleach bath. It'll just lighten a shade or too, but it'll help with the dye showing.
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