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Author Topic: Stargazer Bleaching Kit.  (Read 7429 times)  Share 

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Stargazer Bleaching Kit.
« on: 11 Feb 11 / 12:46 PM »
I was just wondering how much coverage it gives.  My hair is slightly longer than shoulder length and am wondering if one box will cover it.

Also, how long will the powder last once it has been opened or do you need to use it straight away?

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Re: Stargazer Bleaching Kit.
« Reply #1 on: 11 Feb 11 / 04:06 PM »
The amount of bleach you need depends on hair porosity, thickness and length etc so I personally would get two boxes if you think there's even a chance that one won't be enough as you don't want to run out part way through bleaching.

Once mixed you must use the bleach straight away and never keep or store it, however if you have the powder and cream separate (unmixed) you can keep them for several months with no problems (some people have used bleach older than this but we cannot recommend you keep it for years).  Many bleach kits, Stargazer included, have two smaller packets of bleach powder instead of one large one - this means you can mix up one packet of powder with approx half the cream peroxide to make around half a batch of bleach, this is handy if you need slightly more than one box but dont want to use all of a second one.
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Re: Stargazer Bleaching Kit.
« Reply #2 on: 11 Feb 11 / 06:19 PM »
when i first went to bleach my hair ( one year ago this weekend =D) i brought 1 box of the stargazer and it wasn't enough for my shoulder length hair, so i would say defos 2 maybe even 3 just too be doubley safe

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Re: Stargazer Bleaching Kit.
« Reply #3 on: 12 Feb 11 / 01:02 AM »
Happy Bleaching anniversary for the weekend pippa ;D
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